Data analysts need powerful, speedy, scalable data analysis software which is flexible enough to handle enterprise-sized data sets and different data models. the Apteco Marketing Suite is developed by analysts for analysts to give you the visual reporting and insight you need; helping you to understand your customers and prospects and boost marketing revenue.

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Apteco FastStats® and Data   

Apteco’s data analysis solutions - Apteco FastStats® and the integrated FastStats Modelling module - offer:

  • A variety of statistical tools for customer analytics and predictive modelling on high volume data.
  • Results gained from powerful techniques in a safe environment for your marketing colleagues.
  • Easy to use wizard driven interfaces for transactional analysis and Best Next Offer.
  • Simple import and export of data from other sources, allowing seamless integration with other analytics packages.


Apteco offers:

  • Products which are reference tested to industry norms to ensure results are numerically sound.
  • Easy integration with other statistical tools, including R.
  • Training, support and a range of resources - as well as ongoing product improvement - to ensure you make the most of your software investment.

"Apteco has a great team and suite of products: Apteco FastStats® in particular allows us to analyse our data with great ease to provide powerful insights. We've been using it since 2000 and there is no other product out there that compares."

Joseph Nathan, Director Research and Customer Insight at The Economist Group

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