Actionable insights,
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Our end-to-end insight into action platform makes it easy to manage your marketing from start to finish and drive business growth. With Apteco you can simplify and streamline customer analysis and audience targeting, which means you shorten the time to insight discovery, activate audiences faster, and boost your marketing ROI.

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Our technology is trusted by brands around the world

"Apteco has revolutionised the way Plan International UK is able to access data and gain insight through using FastStats and Orbit. Adding PeopleStage to our toolkit has transformed our automated journeys, enabling us to improve supporter experience."

"Healthy Steps is a critical program helping to tackle childhood obesity, working together with DCX and the Apteco platform we have delivered an automated eight week comms journey and showing amazing results in the pilot phase."

"This journey has proven to WWF how they can use data and software to improve the supporter experience, which paves the way for charity-wide, supporter-centric automated journeys."

"By utilising Apteco marketing software, we were able to track and measure the impact on guests of the Future Cruise Credits journey. Allowing us to understand behaviour and identify trends, adopting an agile approach to testing, offers and onward strategy."

"Possibly the greatest benefit is access to real-time data allowing us to respond to stakeholder data requests immediately and think more strategically about future campaigns."

"We’ve found the use of Apteco FastStats and PeopleStage to be of great benefit to our organisation, allowing easy access to our CRM data to perform quick and detailed data selections."

"For the first time, we can be confident that we truly have a supporter-focused view ensuring the right product, channel, timing, content, and action is correct for every supporter."

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Give every prospect and customer the personalised experience they demand

We're a safe haven for those drowning in data, giving you the tools to deliver an outstanding customer experience. To every customer. Every time.

Our aim is to help you to create and manage marketing campaigns that produce outstanding results, by putting the right marketing messages in front of the right customer at the right time. And we understand that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

That’s why we help you make sense of all your data, so you can understand each and every prospect and customer. It’s why we enable you to effortlessly segment your audience for maximum impact. And why we give you industry-leading software to run smart, automated campaigns that deliver real results – all in one platform, with seamless integration with your existing martech stack.

Powerful data analysis
Powerful data analysis

Target with pinpoint precision using your preferred analytical techniques, such as predictive modelling, customer profiling analysis, our patented Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE) scoring, decision trees and clustering.

Tap into predictive analytics
Tap into predictive analytics

Build sophisticated campaigns that use behavioural modelling, customer journey analytics and predictive analytics to recommend the best next offer and improve conversion rates and engagement.

Campaign management made easy
Campaign management made easy

You’re in control at all times. Connect, consider, craft and campaign from one intuitive platform. Get instant access to live reporting from any device, 24/7.

Boost results with powerful marketing data analysis software

Apteco helps you understand your customers better than ever before. Our best-in-breed software enables you to ensure that every piece of marketing is relevant, targeted, and personal.

Watch our video and discover how to supercharge your campaigns in less than three minutes.

Turn insight into action with Apteco

Apteco Orbit™

Our leading software platform brings analytics, visualisation, customer segmentation and multi-channel campaigning to your fingertips. Use all your data to generate insights to action your campaigns. Connect, analyse, target and campaign, all in one beautiful and easy-to-use workspace.


Integrate all your data sources to connect your first-party customer behavioural data into a single view, and link seamlessly out to all your favourite fulfillment tools. Connect with people and share insights.


Explore transactional data and truly understand your audience, with unique visual data selection and mining capabilities, unlimited interactive dashboards and stunning visualisations.


Use data exploration and visualisation tools to select from large volumes of transactional, multi-channel data to identify your ideal audience, and quickly create targeted customer segments.


Use your insights to create powerful multi-wave, multi-channel campaigns and monitor results. Use our fully integrated Apteco email channels or upload data and activate audiences using your existing martech stack.

More marketing power when you need it

Apteco FastStats® and Apteco PeopleStage™ offer greater functionality for more powerful data analytics and modelling, multi-channel and multi-stage campaigns.

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Flexible packages to suit your needs

Whether you run a small business or international enterprise, our range of packages and prices are designed to be cost-effective. Create the perfect mix of bundles, features and users to suit your requirements and budget.

Step One
Choose an analytics bundle that suits your needs

Starting at:

£468 / month
  • Selector bundle
    Audience selections made easy. Create, refine and share campaign audiences.
  • Analyser bundle
    Powerful visualisation tools to help understand your customers and their behaviour.
  • Predictor bundle
    Uncover deep insights into the customer journey and discover new marketing opportunities.
Step Two
Choose an optional campaign bundle for extra oomph

Starting at:

£326 / month
  • Broadcaster bundle
    Simple quick-fire campaigning. Execute single step campaigns and analyse responses.
  • Campaigner bundle
    Enhance customer engagement with event triggered and highly bespoke multi-step journeys.
  • Orchestrator bundle
    Enterprise level, high powered and optimised campaigns to drive ROI across more channels.
Step Three
Supercharge your marketing with Apteco email

Starting at:

£1.25 / 1,000 monthly sends

Seamlessly move from interrogating your data and creating highly targeted audience lists, to creating and delivering beautiful responsive emails

  • Integrated email builder for easy, immediate access
  • Secure platform for reliable email delivery
  • Flexible drag and drop email editor and templates for efficient design and reuse
  • Personalise emails with recommendations and content for better engagement
  • Automate email journeys for timely interactions
  • Conditional blocks for testing and customisation
  • Forms for double opt-in and data collection

Supercharge your email marketing

Deliver personalised emails your audience will love

Design, automate and send responsive highly targeted emails directly from Apteco's marketing insights platform.

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