Find Apteco via the Salesforce AppExchange

Posted: 27 Feb 2024

Apteco is now available via the Salesforce AppExchange

Apteco is pleased to announce that users can now harness the powerful customer analytics and audience targeting of Apteco via the Salesforce AppExchange. With just a few clicks users can install Apteco's Salesforce approved solution and connect it to their Salesforce data, applying the rich analysis, insight, and action capabilities of the Apteco platform on their own Salesforce data within minutes!

Apteco's leading platform brings analytics, visualisation and customer segmentation to Salesforce Sales Cloud users' fingertips. Marketers can explore data in greater detail than ever before and create lists for highly targeted campaigns, all in one beautiful and easy-to-use workspace.Salesforce AppExchange

Key features of Apteco and the Salesforce AppExchange

  • Connect Salesforce Sales Cloud customer data with Apteco software to bring it to life
  • Give marketers fingertip access to their customer, prospect and transactional data
  • Explore customer transactional and behavioural data at speed
  • Segment and create marketing lists that take targeting to the next level
  • Filter, build lists and drill down interactively from visualisations
  • Create and share branded dashboards to visualise Sales Cloud data and share key insights across the organisation
  • Connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to streamline email marketing campaigns

Salesforce users can start with a free 14-day trial by simply connecting their Salesforce Sales Cloud data and granting permission for Apteco to connect and build the system. The Salesforce API will need to be enabled. The trial uses the meta-data provided by Salesforce to offer users a choice of a number of suitable, simple Apteco configurations that use the Accounts, Contacts, Orders and Contracts data available in Salesforce. 

Salesforce data will download onto an Apteco managed server so that users can access it using the Apteco Orbit online platform. Each trial system is hosted on its own server in the Apteco Cloud, and data is not held on a server that other users have access to. There is also an option for the Apteco trial system to be built from a Salesforce Sandbox if preferred.

Find out more about Apteco on the Salesforce AppExchange or start a free Salesforce trial today.