How does Apteco help patients manage their long-term conditions?

21 May 2024  |  by Rebecca Dawes

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More people have long-term conditions than ever before

One of the greatest challenges for the healthcare sector is the mounting pressure resulting from an ageing population, which has led to a rise in individuals with long-term conditions (LTCs).

These conditions typically worsen over time, exacerbating symptoms that impact daily life. On top of this, the progression of LTCs is not linear – people may experience fluctuating attributes (from positive to negative) over time.

Globally, the increasing population of individuals with LTCs presents a significant hurdle for healthcare organisations. It’s widely acknowledged among healthcare professionals that driving behavioural change is essential for enhancing outcomes in long-term condition management.

Apteco helps you deliver tailored healthcare communications

With the healthcare sector facing unprecedented pressure to look for ways to prevent LTCs, the Apteco platform can help to integrate population engagement into the heart of public health strategies, offering innovative solutions to address these modern challenges.

Apteco can help you to:

Encourage healthy habits with scheduled, targeted, automatic communications

Send people gentle nudges and reminders to improve their general health and support the delay in potential onset conditions. For instance, prediabetic cohorts and people with a higher body mass index (BMI) can be placed on a program where they are sent messaging with ideas and tips on how best to adopt and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Enable focused communications based on external factors

Automated, trigger-based communications can notify people to be aware of external conditions that might affect the management of their health. Incoming data concerning weather and air quality could trigger notifications to patients with breathing difficulties, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to be cautious when venturing out.

Manage LTCs and monitor engagement

Take control of various workflows using a centralised dashboard tailored to command centre operations, showcasing information on individuals with chronic conditions and the communications sent to them. This data can be shared across organisational teams, refined, and analysed as needed. Scheduled and spontaneous communications guarantee ongoing patient assistance for every health objective, streamlining interventions for conditions such as mental health.

What are the strategic outcomes and benefits?

Increased accessibility. 
Expanded reach across communication channels tailored to local populations, ensuring effective delivery of critical messages to individuals when needed.

Seamless engagement. 
Adoption of an omnichannel strategy, seamlessly integrating across 10 communication channels, including major social media platforms, email, SMS, WhatsApp, postal services, and telephone.

Personalised patient-led care. 
Personalised services address individual needs, empowering individuals to manage their care within the safety of their care team.

Enhanced population health. 
Integration of multi-channel population communication and engagement into the core of population health strategy fostering engagement and empowerment.

Informed decision-making. 
Using an intuitive platform for robust data analysis enables you to make informed decisions and plan strategic initiatives effectively.

Improved patient outcomes. 
Enhancement of overall health and engagement levels across the wider population.

The Apteco approach

We set ourselves apart by developing our software in-house, right here in the UK. With over 35 years of experience, we’ve assembled a seasoned team of trainers, consultants, developers, and marketers. This experience and knowledge is what makes brands around the world trust Apteco, and it’s why we believe we can bring significant value to the NHS and healthcare providers across the UK.

How we work with you

Healthcare data doesn’t just offer insights into population health and clinical analysis – it can encourage behavioural change and support prevention too.

Apteco aims to help you use data insights to redesign care pathways. We give you the tools to develop strategic communications, so people make better lifestyle decisions, live healthy lives, and receive interventions when needed.

NHS Health Education England and the Department of Health and Social Care are already seeing the benefits of using Apteco to analyse their data and to design, develop, and execute targeted communication campaigns to support people to make better health decisions.

“Apteco software has led to many benefits for HEE. We’ve seen a decrease in turnaround times on complex user journeys, meaning savings to the taxpayer. Possibly the greatest benefit is access to real-time data allowing us to respond to stakeholder data requests immediately and think more strategically about future campaigns.”

Darren Aldrich, Head of Communications, NHS Health Careers

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Rebecca Dawes

Healthcare Specialist

Rebecca has been with Apteco since 2021 and has been working with and alongside the NHS for over 20 years.

Before Apteco, Rebecca held various roles supporting health organisations to embrace technology for positive change. Key work includes strategy development, software design and implementation of new technologies within NHS Trusts.

Rebecca is a health enthusiast with a keen interest in holistic approaches to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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