SlideShare: 3 of the best analytics techniques for data-savvy marketers

15 Jan 2024  |  by Katie Harvard

In today’s information age, every click, view, and interaction tells a story. This makes customer data one of the most useful assets an organisation can have. But to tap into its true value, marketers must be able to analyse it effectively and convert it into actionable insights. 

Swipe through our SlideShare to learn three valuable ways you can interrogate your customer data using the power of data analytics.

Download Top 10 analytics techniques for data-savvy marketers
Katie Harvard

Marketing and brand specialist

Before starting at Apteco in 2017, Katie refined her skills in advertising agencies and large global corporates. In 2012 she started her own marketing consultancy which she ran until she moved to the UK. Katie loves writing copy and creating campaigns and is passionate about design and branding. 

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