Apteco launches into a new era of actionable insights, endless possibilities

Posted: 07 Jun 2024

Apteco launches globally into a new era with the Orbit end-to-end actionable insights platform and SaaS cloud offeringApteco global launch

The Apteco story began over 35 years ago, and remains true to the same core beliefs today - with a mission of creating industry-leading software to speedily convert customer data into actionable insights. Apteco is the powerful engine that works hard behind the scenes at hundreds of organisations, to ensure that every piece of marketing is relevant, targeted and personal – and all of this is now available in one easy-to-use platform making it even simpler for marketers to manage their campaigns from start to finish.

On Wednesday 22 May 2024, Apteco founder and MD, James Alty hosted the UK kick-off event 'Apteco global launch' live before embarking on a tour of international conferences and events in Europe, North America and Australasia. Live streamed around the world to Apteco partners and users, the Apteco global launch included representatives from Apteco's international offices, including contributions from Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

The event included insights on new feature announcements, an overview and benefits of the Apteco Orbit platform from Apteco offices around the world, and a live software demonstration screened from London, including exciting new feature reveals. This was followed by a panel session and live Q&A with Apteco experts, and concluded with Apteco's future plans and product roadmap. 

New feature reveals - coming later in 2024!

Apteco NZApteco to incorporate in New Zealand

Further to the recent launch of Apteco Canada, the sixth regional market to be created will be Apteco New Zealand. As a supplement to Apteco Australia, which was launched from Sydney in August 2017, Apteco will soon have an on territory presence in New Zealand, where there has been existing distribution of its software for some years. This latest addition to the Apteco family is part of the company's development as a Software as a Service (SaaS) business. To support its global customers and resellers, Apteco now operates support 24 hours per working day with their technical services teams capable of managing calls across different time zones.

Campaign sections

The first new software feature that James Alty announced at the launch event was the new powerful and unique campaign journey workflow concept in Apteco Orbit. Research is undertaken whenever new features are planned in Apteco's product roadmap, and research for customer journey workflow authoring tools demonstrated that no products currently in the market have the capability to break campaigns up into structured sections, for example, budget, communications, and timings. The key benefit to campaign sections is that users write them once, without the need for complicated marketing flows within a campaign. 

Apteco SMSApteco SMS

Alongside the recent introduction of Apteco email, users will now have the ability to send text messages (SMS) globally, to almost every country in the world (at local text message rates). This fantastic new template editor will allow users to capitalise on omni-channel marketing even better than before, as part of an end-to-end campaign.

Apteco AI assistant

A significant new announcement came towards the end of the launch event, with a sneak peek of the forthcoming Apteco generative AI assistant. At Apteco Live in November 2023, Apteco's annual user conference, James Alty announced to partners and users that Apteco would find out how AI (particularly generative AI) can be used in a safe, constructive and practical manner within its existing product - and that's exactly what is happening in development within the next six months. Apteco users around the world have been asked to watch this space for more to come at the next user conference in November 2024! 

If you missed the Apteco global launch event or would like a recap - here are the highlights including the live demo, AI announcement and software roadmap.

Key developments over the last 12 months

Salesforce AppExchangeThe teams at Apteco have been hard at work over the past year keeping the software relevant and in line with the latest marketing trends. Earlier this year, Apteco announced their arrival to the Salesforce AppExchange, and users can now access and harness the powerful customer analytics and audience targeting of Apteco via the Salesforce AppExchange. With just a few clicks, users can install the Apteco Salesforce approved solution and connect it to their Salesforce data, applying the rich analysis, insight, and action capabilities of Apteco on their own Salesforce data within minutes.

Another key highlight from Apteco's development at the end of 2023 was the addition of audience look-alikes in Apteco Orbit, allowing a precise and data-driven method to enhance customer acquisition. This powerful new look-alike functionality is an accessible way for marketers to transform the way that businesses approach marketing, offering a precise, data-driven, and proactive method to engage and retain customers.

Apteco emailArguably the most significant addition to Apteco's product offer is the recent launch of their integrated email builder. As announced at Apteco Live in November 2023, with Apteco email users don’t need to leave the Apteco platform to design their emails. Apteco's marketing insights platform now allows users to design, automate and send responsive, highly personalised emails. 

The launch of email in Apteco's ever-growing arsenal is a major enhancement of the fully comprehensive campaigning solution in the Apteco Orbit platform. Orbit is the next generation of Apteco technology and Apteco email extends the existing campaign journey building functionality and follows in the footsteps of Apteco PeopleStage.

Fast forward to March this year, and Apteco added two powerful new integrations in the Orbit platform to enable messaging with Whatsapp and adverts through a Meta Ads account. Users can now get messaging with Apteco's WhatsApp direct integration and harness the advertising potential of Meta Ads, on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger using first party data for acquisition and retention strategies in Orbit campaigns.


In the same month, the addition of multi-channel journeys with Meta ads and WhatsApp messaging now allows users to engage with their audience via their preferred channels via two new powerful integrations. Users can now get messaging with Apteco's WhatsApp direct integration and harness the advertising potential of Meta Ads, on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger using first party data for acquisition and retention strategies in their Orbit campaigns.

And finally in April, a major milestone in Apteco's end-to-end solution was introduced. Orbit connect gives users the ability to upload, define, build, and access their resulting system in Orbit, hosted in the Apteco Cloud platform. 

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