Apteco Q2 2024 software release now available

Posted: 25 Jun 2024

Take a look at the highlights from Apteco's Q2 2024 software release

The Apteco development team have been busy over the last few months and their latest software release is a testiment to that. In Apteco Orbit users can now connect all their data sources to build a campaign-ready marketing platform in minutes, design and activate data capture forms to better qualify their leads in the Apteco form builder and in Orbit dashboards, some major enhancements have been made to number cards. The Q2 2024 software release includes significant improvements which aim to help users to put insight into action more effectively than ever.Orbit connect

In April, Apteco announced the launch of their powerful new Orbit connect feature, a major milestone in the Apteco software end-to-end solution. Orbit connect gives users the ability to upload, define, build, and access their resulting system in Orbit, hosted in the Apteco Cloud platform. Orbit connect now has the ability to add Campaign and Licence table properties when building a system, so users can easily manage their campaigns from start to finish with no database configuration required. This update empowers users to fully leverage Apteco Orbit campaign capabilities, enabling comprehensive campaign management and data analysis in a single platform.

Apteco formsApteco's new in-platform form builder offers access to forms, confirmation page, and email templates for a streamlined form creation, confirmation, and capture process. With Apteco form builder, users can create forms and confirmation emails and embed these assets into their landing page for use in campaigning. Orbit users can benefit from an accurate method to capture high quality leads, drag-and-drop functionality, the flexibility to embed forms into landing pages, pre-built templates and a double opt-in process to ensure GDPR compliance. Apteco forms are fully compatible with the Apteco email builder, allowing confirmation emails to use any saved sections or images in the email platform.

Also in Orbit, Apteco have made major enhancements to number cards. These improvements to number cards will dramatically improve users marketing reporting capabilities, where they can take advantage of the analytic improvements from new target vs actual and ROI number card features which give a clear and transparent view of metrics. Using target-vs-actual number cards, users can easily compare a key measure value against a predefined target. These number card visualisations allow users to calculate ROI with an easy-to-use interface, directly within their dashboard. ROI number card visualisations calculate and display the ROI for a given investment amount, with revenue defined by a measure or calculated measure. Salesforce

When using an Apteco Cloud Salesforce system, users now have access to an expanded list of data models. This enhances the initial setup experience by allowing users to include key tables such as Leads and Opportunities, as well as Opportunity Line Items and Products. 

The expanded list of data models is also available when signing up for a free trial of Apteco software through Salesforce. The trial setup process now provides a more complete data model, ensuring quicker access to valuable insights.

New 'take over' functionAs an authorised user with a 'force check-in' role, users can now take over a locked channel editor or take control of a campaign that has been left in edit mode by another user. This new feature prevents unintentional locks on campaigns and allows authorised users to take control, when necessary. A notification system also promptly alerts users when you try to edit a locked campaign, avoiding the potential confusion of multiple users editing the same campaign at the same time. Also new in Orbit is the ability to duplicate a campaign saving users the time and effort of starting another new campaign from scratch.

And finally, Apteco have introduced a new rich text notes editor, available on all dashboard tiles. Users can now add text or images to their notes and easily edit and apply html formatting to tailor note content. With this enhancement, users can now add text or images directly into the notes editor to tell a compelling story about the data, then easily edit and apply html formatting to really tailor their desired tile note content, making the insights more memorable and impactful.

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